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  • Manuscripts submitted for the first time should be accompanied by a cover letter outlining the following:
  1. Full introduction of the author, including titles and positions held in society (if any).
  2. Other publications (if any) by the same author; or relevant experience.
  3. A synopsis of t he manuscript touching on:
    • Content.
    • Extent/scope.
    • Target audience.

The manuscript should be typed double-space on one side of paper. Handwritten manuscripts are accepted; provided they are legible, well spaced and written in permanent ink. The author is advised to retain a copy of his/her manuscript.

Manuscript assessment

Assessment may be conducted in-house by an assigned editor or by a contracted expert. Some of the key considerations are as below:
  1. The material should be sequential, logical and appropriate.
  2. Language level should be appropriate for the target audience.
  3. Accuracy of facts and presentation.
  4. Originality of thought and conceptualization.
  5. The finished product's market potential.
  6. The final product should have a competitive edge among works.

For schoolbooks, the following points are crucial to note, in addition to ones listed above:

  • Syllabus coverage.
  • Appeal to learners whether the book will be attractive to them.
  • Sufficient and relevant exercises.
  • Coverage of topics whether detailed or shallow.

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