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Through our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we draw up the mandate to integrate community and environmental concerns into its operations in order to derive mutual benefit for its business and the community. We are committed to achieving commercial success in ways that uphold ethical values, human dignity and sustainable development.

The following CHEESE ideals define our commitment to this policy:

  • Community involvement
  • Human dignity
  • Educational empowerment
  • Environmental conservation
  • Sustainable development
  • Ethical practice


Society and business are intertwined. No organisation can operate in isolation from the community that surrounds it. This declaration is founded on the fact that a progressive community facilitates a sound business environment.

For KLB, CSR will not be a one-off intervention to help out in an unfortunate social situation. We will engage in a sustained effort to create a social environment that upholds the opportunity for our business to thrive. In so doing, we will build a strong symbiotic bond between the community, our stakeholders, our customers and ourselves.

We will, while contributing to the national economy, take responsibility for our actions that affect the lives of communities.

Benefits (CHIPS)

  • Contribute to educational development
  • Help communities grow
  • Improve corporate image
  • Promote brand equity
  • Sustain customer loyalty

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